Saturday, October 13, 2012

SOLD: Aerial Photography Helicopter for sale

Ready to fly, flight tested and vibration tuned by me (BEng).
Carries full size DSLR.
Capable of video or stills
Open Loop stabilized 2-axis gimbal
10min. flight time


T-Rex 700E                             ($1000)
Photoship One 2Axis Gimbal ($700)
Pelican Cases for travel           ($500)
Skookum SK-720                    ($500)
Jive 80HV                                ($400)
Align 470kV                            ($200)
JR 9503 + JR 9ch DSMX        ($500)
4X Pulse battery                       ($500)
4X Thunder Power battery       ($1000)
Hyperion charger                      ($150)
2X Futaba 401 gyro                  ($200)
Spektrum 6ch Rx                       ($50)
video rx/tx/LCD/antenna           ($250)
Hercules BEC                             ($70)
Spin Blades asym.                      ($150)
Spektrum 6ch Tx                        ($200)

Total retail less taxes                  $6370
Asking                                        $5000





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