Sunday, May 20, 2012

UPB Updates!

The quirky graphic above was produced by a friend of mine, John Belanger

Here are a few Iphone videos of the prototype in action.  The UPB can control any RC platform to which it is attached.  The truck in the videos is a Traxxis Summit. 

Prototype UPB haulin' a$$ through heavy vegetation

UPB Controller and Monitor

Exciting features and versatility

The UPB can toggle between two video signals: the DSLR in Live View mode and this tiny video camera. The tiny lens, which points out the front of the CPU case, is very wide so you can take a peek at what's going on outside the blind without turning on the DSLR in Live View mode. This saves DSLR battery power and is also useful when using longer focal lengths (so you don't have to pan the camera around to see the what's going, potentially scaring off your subject)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Private Workshop Series: Jumping Spiders

In this technically rich workshop, participants will learn to major techniques employed in my jumping spiders series which appeared in Canadian Geographic, Ranger Rick, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Discover Magazine and a number of foreign publications.   

The two major techniques covered are

1) High-speed tripwire techniques for short duration events

2) Focus stacking for high-magnification macro photography


- The Wildlife Photographer's Guide to High-Speed Tripwire Photography Using the Phototrap

- Decisive Moments: Creating Iconic Imagery

One day workshop fee:


The Unmanned Photo Blind promotional video

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unmanned Photo Blind (UPB) Unveiled!

My latest creation will revolutionize remote camera photography! 

The Unmanned Photo Blind

Taking remote camera photography to new heights! 

The Unmanned Photo Blind UPB is a remote camera gimbal that accepts a DSLR camera. 

The UPB can

-         Pan and tilt the camera remotely
-         Focus and trip the shutter remotely (in the Live View mode of your DSLR)
-         Feed back real-time video of what your DSLR sees (in Live View mode) to an offsite LCD screen
-         Stand-by for up to 24 hours

The UPB allows placement of a DSLR in

-         Harsh environments
-         Awkward positions that preclude human presence
-         Sensitive areas that can be upset by human presence
-         Areas that are home to unapproachable wildlife
-         Positions that allow atypical lens choices
-         On top of a tripod with standard ¼-20 thread

The UPB includes: 

-         UPB
-         Futaba Control Transmitter
-         Charger
-         LCD Screen
-         Video receiver and antenna
-         Camouflage water repellant cover
-         Pelican Case