Monday, September 27, 2010

Scott's Book Pre-Order!

That's right! I am publishing my first book! Read more about it here!

The official publication date will be in mid December, but some preliminary, signed copies will be available to die-hard fans in early November. Preliminary copies will also be available for the book signing events that I will be hosting in early November. Pre-order customers also benefit from 10% off!

Reserve your signed copy here!

What people are saying about Decisive Moments

“Scott's macro work, especially the jumping spiders, is absolutely spectacular. It's always exciting to see new talent and I'm certain this young man is just getting started.”

—Daniel J. Cox

“In nature the decisive moment is often a moment of life and death, where predator and prey meet. A lot of photographers try to catch that instant with their camera. Where many try, Scott Linstead succeeds and he brings us a glimpse into the natural world that we seldom get to see up close. Linstead's images tell the story of the struggle for survival in those fractions of a second when it's actually happening.”

—Chistopher Robinson
Editor, Outdoor Photographer Magazine

“Most coffee table books are strictly spectator experiences. This one doesn't just make you ooh and ahh -- though it does that -- it invites you to jump in and tells you how to create your own action nature photographs. It's a participatory coffee table book. A coffee table and photo blind book.”

—Annie Gottlieb
Copy Chief, Natural History Magazine

"Scott brings a generous spirit of humor, intelligence and a refreshing modesty to this collection of nature stories and photographs"

—Susan McElhinney
Photo Editor, Ranger Rick magazine.

Secret book preview image added for the "Delete Me! We're Top Banana, Grape Beyond Compear!" gang.

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