Monday, July 26, 2010

The arrival of a specialized high-speed flash system from a company in the UK draws near! I am anxious to find out what new heights to which my imagery might be elevated by's very unique products.

High Speed Flash, a subsidiary of First Light Lamps, is perhaps the first company to manufacture a truly accessible flash aimed squarely at the tremendous speed and power requirements of high speed photography. The demands of this kind of photography translate to higher voltages and currents that need to be dealt with to a higher safety engineering standard than normal flash units. This, combined with the very specific market for such a product, has kept a reasonable alternative to the current, rather rag-tag offerings, outside of the interest of flash manufacturers.

The two products are the Pro and the Ultra. The Pro is ideal for wildlife photographers who need the speed available at the low-power range of a conventional speedlight (around 1/30000") but with the power output that is equal or greater a conventional unit at max output. In other words, the Pro provides more light in 1/28000" than a Nikon or Canon flash can in 1/1000".

The Ultra has an extremely fast duration of 1/111111" and is intended for ballistic photography. The higher speed of this unit is also useful for the very fastest of wildlife applications including, for instance, the lateral jump of a grasshopper.

Once my unit arrives I will be posting my experiences and hopefully some supporting imagery! Exciting times for high speed photographers!


  1. Please.......what does such a light cost?

    Thank you

    Robert King

    just started the website (12/2011)