Monday, July 12, 2010

6th Place and $11000 in ICF Pro Tour!

38: Days in Texas
4 to 5: rattlesnakes encountered per day
1: number of geckos gone missing in trailer
1: number of pubic haires found inside fridge door of trailer
2: black widow spiders living in terrariums on my kitchen table
27: average daily temp during the month of April
9: length in miles of drive to get out of ranch
30000: acres of land on ranch
5: days of straight rain leading to complete vehicular immobility
1: number of deer mice greeting me next to my pillow in the middle of the night
7: number of $500 images in top 100 of contest
50: percentage of $11000 winning that goes to the land owner

So, the results have been published. I was one spot away from where I thought I might be satisfied (top 5). Here are some selected images, now free of the publication ban:


  1. Congratulation Scott! 6th place is pretty good! Those image are amazing! My prefered one is the #2, the one where only see the eye in the fog!

  2. Awesome bro, congrats... remember I said 5th, or 6th., I hope to make the next one!

  3. Amazing images! I the one with the bat and barn owl is just awesome.

  4. Great images. Love the "jump" shots!

  5. Some bold imagery here Scott..... Amazing the bat and owl!

  6. Amazing photos! So fantastic!!!
    You've got a special skill!!!!