Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Helicon Soft and Image Stacking

While I wait for certain bits of hardware to arrive so that I may carry on with my jumping spider project, I thought it would be interesting to supplement the action images of the jumpers with some static images. Like it or not, shallow depth of field is something that must be endured and managed in macro or close-up photography. I thought it might make for a refreshing change if some of the static images were "stacked". Image stacking is a process where several images of a subject are merged together digitally to create a single image with the desired depth of field. The image in the ad below was created by stacking 8 images of the jumping spider. The difficult part: merging the images together in Phototshop, etc., is taken care of by this dedicated software.

If you are interested in this software, go take a look around their site for more info. Then, come back here and buy it from me at a 15% discount!

Helicon Lite (One Year License)

Helicon Lite (Unlimited License)

Helicon Pro (One Year License)

Helicon Pro (Unlimited License)

Helicon Pro X64 (Unlimited License)

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