Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Wildlife Photographer's Guide to High-Speed Tripwire Photography Using the Phototrap

I am now taking orders for the English version of the manual. This book is an economical alternative to attending the workshops. All the theory and tricks that are covered in the lecture portion of the workshop are included here. Purchase of the manual entitles the client to technical support by telephone (long distance fees may apply) Also, clients who have bought the book and decide to attend the workshop at later date will receive a $75CDN rebate.

-English Version, 35 pages, spiral bound: $75USD plus shipping

-French Version(COMING SOON), 35 pages, spiral bound: $75USD plus shipping

1.) Lighting

1.1) creative flash positioning
1.2) directional lighting
1.3) duration considerations for action
1.4) color temperature
1.4.1) white balance
1.4.2) blue sky and mixed color temperatures
1.5) light modifiers
1.6) water reflections
1.7) supporting hardware suggestions

2.) Setting

2.1) artificial backgrounds
2.2) mixing artificial and natural background elements for depth
2.3) natural lighting
2.4) mixed lighting considerations
2.5) geographic accuracy

3.) Sensor Placement and Calibration

3.1) direct versus Reflect mode
3.2) angular orientation’s effect on sensitivity
3.3) focus calibration and the pendulum method
3.4) the ‘black cotton’ trick

4.) Set-up examples

4.1) “A to B” subjects: the Basilisk
4.2) insects in flight
4.3) hummingbird at flower
4.4) saw whet leaving cavity

The Only Tasteful Gift in the Room

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Phototrap Workshops Taking Off!

The Montreal area workshops are filling up nicely and the client demand seems to be re-shaping the product somewhat. Many busy professionals from around the US who are also serious amateur photographers are requesting private weekends one-on-one. So, I am now booking private dates on request throughout 2010. I will be adding another 4 person workshop in Montreal shortly, so stay tuned. Surprisingly, the Toronto area workshops have not been quite as successful in terms of interest, so they are currently at risk of cancellation.

Here is the current pricing structure (old pricing applies for 7 more days, till midnight December 21st):

4-person(max) workshop weekend including lunch(2) with Phototrap: $1199CDN/person

4-person(max) workshop weekend including lunch(2) without Phototrap: $799CDN/person

Private, one-on-one workshop weekend including lunch(2) with Phototrap: $1399CDN

Private, one-on-one workshop weekend including lunch(2) without Phototrap: $999CDN

Phototrap for Canon or Nikon system: $525CDN(shipping included)


The definitive Phototrap Manual for Wildlife Photographers

Don't want to travel and spend the money on the workshop? Buy the manual outlining all the theory and set-ups covered in the workshop!

Shipped anywhere in Canada and the lower 50 for $150CDN! (shipping included)

Each hard copy shipped is numbered and entitles the client to technical support by telephone (long distance fees may apply)


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wild Barred Owls!

Today John Belanger and I drove 5 hours each way to find these barred owls. The low light was no match for the Nikon D3 combined with the 300 f2.8. Still, I was really at the limit of what parameters I am comfortable with; even for the D3. Most of the action shots were done at 1/1000, f2.8, iso2000.