Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coming Soon! A reasonable, safe and efficient way to buy prints of Scott's images!

Print sales are a rather small part of my business. But, occasionally, someone will see a shot of mine in a magazine and they will want to give it as a gift. Some people want just the print, others want something framed. Ultimately, I am not really equipped to respond to these demands and come away with any sense of satisfaction. The client's interest often diminishes I think that once they realize that the transaction is not an easy one. So, I have been searching for an online gallery that can sell my work as prints in a number of sizes, with or without matting and framin and take care of the shipping as well.

I feel that once the potential client doesn't have to worry about some guy (me) printing stuff in his basement and getting around to mailing it off, they may be more inclined to buy (since a transaction of this nature is much more reliable and familiar -- unlike contacting someone on a private email address and Paypal-ing money to a stranger, etc.).

Once the gallery is up and running, I will post the link here as well as on my website.


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